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Happy Birthday, Acchan!


Happy 23th birthday Acchan, wish u all the best :)

What is this Holiday-Ballet-Barbie meets Soredemo-Suki-da-yo outfit??? 0-0

What is this Holiday-Ballet-Barbie meets Soredemo-Suki-da-yo outfit??? 0-0


小林香菜 「ともーみとごはん」


小林香菜 「ともーみとごはん」


for every secret, there is always a price to pay

Where are they now?

Matsuoka Yuki!

Matsuyuki was a 3rd gen member, and at 19 when Team B debuted, was the oldest. Thanks to her English ability, she was pretty popular with international fans, but not so much with jp fans. She didn’t receive many opportunities in Team B, with a generally poor position on stage, and never made senbatsu. She graduated alongside Gussan at the end of B3 in February 2009, the second and third 3rd-gens to graduate AKB.

Immediately after graduating, she opened her blog, where she wrote in Japanese and English; and said she planned on continuing in the entertainment industry. In November 2009 she joined Narita Risa's agency ZAN, with the intention of becoming an actress. Through then she got a few small roles in dramas and films. It was then announced that Matsuyuki, Risa, and another member of their agency, Gomi Ayane, woukd form a new idol unit, Natalie.CPU, however days before debut it was revealed Yuki was not a permanent group member.
Her work slowed through 2010 and 2011, and she eventually left her agency and, it seems, the industry in general. She very rarely blogs anymore, but her blog is still open, and she can read English and Spanish, so if you want to send her a message you can do so in the blog comments!

Very important pic with Rinatin on her birthday!

Natalie.CPU girls, pre-debut.

With Nakayan at AKB’s 5th anniversary performance, all the graduates were invited.

With Tanamin at the same stage. These are like the last pics I can find of her, other than a couple blog pics. ;-;

So, Matsuyuki is no longer active, and not attached to an agency. Her blog is here.

Finding info on Matsuyuki isn’t easy, since there’s a popular seiyuu of the same name. e.e

Look at the size of Mayu compared to those normal-size humans *o*

Look at the size of Mayu compared to those normal-size humans *o*


i have a thing for…
Mariko with long hair, or her little Maritail.


Ono Erena retirement announcement 

I, Ono Erena, have decided to retire from show business from July 15 2014.
This is a sudden announcement, and to those concerned, I’m sorry.

I was able to enter the entertainment industry at the age of 12, and I was happy to learn a lot.
The scenery I was able to see at that time felt like a dream, and was an extraordinary experience.

Although I was able to do the work I longed for, I found I changed my way of thinking as I grew older.
As I approached 20, these thoughts grew stronger, and I realised I would have to face them.
And so, to allow myself to make new decisions and goals, I made a decision like this.
From now on, I was walk firmly, step bt step, towards a new goal.

Perhaps a time will come when I will meet everyone again.

I would like to thank everyone sincerely, for allowing me to work in this industry, which I could not do without the support of all of the fans and staff, from the beginning until now.

These eight years have been so much fun.
And I’m happy to have been able to meet everyone.

Thank you all!

Ono Erena

I think anyone who followed Erepyon could see this coming. Over the past year and a half, she changed a lot: the amount of work she got, the type of work, the way she presented herself, the way she communicated with her fans, etc. I expected her to leave around the time she deleted her twitter, but regained hope after her new photobook and DVD.

Erepyon was never an oshi of mine, but I liked her a lot, and I actually really enjoyed her solo singles, I think I own them all. (and as someone coming from a visual-kei fan background, I love that she dated Yumehito.)