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Haruu & Mariya Handshake (18&19 October) 


Haruu and Mariya (Nagao) are side by side for both days. Only highlighting the whole “being marked by your oshis and their friends” incidents. Haruu’s handshakes actually do have more sessions. All spoken in Japanese.

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Me: I’ll not go to Mariya lane tomorrow~ wwwww
Yagi: /shouts over/ BUT WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS

lol Yagi is soooo cute!


I’m curious about something. Please reblog if Sato Sumire is in you senbatsu. Like if she ranks in your sousenkyo.


school girl Mayu,



Jurina and Meimei danso~ it’s been a while Jurio kun~ 。゜(´⊃ω⊂`)゜。

from their new show SKE48 EbiCalcio! with Okubo 

I might legitimately die. <3

Matsui Rena Official Blog 2014/09/18 23:57  



Rena speaking (・ω・)

Lately the fact that I have no friends has become a serious issue.
Whenever I have some free time, I spend it lazing without contacting anyone.
I’m totally fine by myself too, but being the kind to instinctively staying home I sometimes would like for someone to drag me out.

It’s a matter of life or death.
I wish I had grown to be a proactive loner.

When I’m home I get my family to take me around, but in Tokyo it’s not that easy. (laugh)

I shall work on it, little by little.


I totally volunteer! ((( \°^°/ )))

48 Days of 48G // Day 12

Favourite generation: 1st Gen


CC Suu ! !

I… might have to change my dp to that second pic there…

Nacchan went to support Hiipink at her musical.

Nacchan went to support Hiipink at her musical.


Airin : Shirley,

Nakanishi : Lelouch


But I am not here for this LuluxShirley.

LuluxCC for life tbqh!!