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Shiho got married! 


Blog entry:
To everyone,
I, Watanabe Shiho,
Got married (added into his family registrar) on September 15th. 
He’s 4 years older and is a very kind and dependent man.
From now on, the 2 of us will do our best to build a warm and blissful family.
The actual wedding will be next year, so there’s a lack of reality now, but I want to support him from now. 
I will be glad if everyone can watch over us warmly from now.
Please give me support from now on too.


Takamina 755!!!!!

AKB members congratulating Shiho on twitter~

Maimai’s bday with Hiipink, Hana and Nonti~

Maimai celebrating her bday with Kaya.


Oshima Team K - Senshuuraku 2014.04.16



Sayaka on GLITTER 2014 October

Whoa this girl :O

Kobayashi Kana blog 2014/09/03 


Good evening everyone.

A story from a while ago.

Ono Erena announced her retirement from the industry, so Erena and Nattsumii and I gathered together.

The name is

Exhausted Erena group!

Erena is still Erena even now.


Erena and I performed our duet unit.

'Wagamama na Nagareboshi'. [Ono + Kobayashi unit from K5 stage.]

Our audience was Nattsumii.

Singing with Erena for the first time in so long was fun!

And we met up again recently.


A good friend.

We took many photos, but they all had similar poses!

Erena and I fit together well.

Erena, thanks for working hard all this time!
We will always be comrades~