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mikitins replied to your post“Does anyone have a link to the gifset of Kousagi where Paru is talking…” 

or if you’re talking about the gifset itself:
This was it, thank you!


Paruru’s amazing response to the guy who wants his girlfriend to get breast implants.


Nachu on  有吉反省会 140824

Nozofisu also makes an appearance with her husband… hot damn, that’s an attractive couple.

And Ariyoshi prods some guy’s junk so you should probably watch


wen48 CUTIES


wen48 CUTIES

Rinatin + BINGO!

chilli or cake

So, to make that Rinatin gifset I watched the Keibetsu making of for the first time ever.

It starts by introducing the seven ‘main’ senbatsu with a long clip, then the other members with a single shot. And the seven mains are Takamina, Acchan, Kojiharu, Chiyuu, Yuko, Sae, and…


wtf I don’t remember much Sayaka in Keibetsu?

And I’m watching the BTS and yes, turns out, Sayaka had a whole bunch of solo scenes that were cut from the main MV. ><;;

Fucking hell, she’s been graduated a year and I’m still finding ways to get mad over her treatment!

Also, lol: